Software Blocking (SWB)


Software Blocking is an evolutionary acquisition process focused on the development of an integrated System of Systems (SoS) operational capability. The operational capability is developed as blocks of interoperating systems. The Army’s Software Blocking (SWB) program is charged with synchronizing software fielding while ensuring horizontal interoperability among participating systems on the battlefield.  This is accomplished by ensuring collaboration and information sharing among the member systems of each SWB Block.

In SEC, we serve as the SWB Configuration Manager and provide SWB Interoperability & Synchronization Configuration Management Office (ISCMO) functions and interoperability engineering support. The Interoperability & Synchronization Configuration Management Plan (ISCMP) calls for the establishment of the Engineering Review Board (ERB) Charter, ERB Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Interoperability and Synchronization Configuration Control Board (ISCCB) SOP, and the Interoperability and Synchronization Management Office (ISCMO) SOP. We prepare and manage these Configuration Item (CI) documents in coordination with each of the affected organizations.

Visit our Software Blocking team website for more information on this work.

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