Executive Agent for Theater Joint Tactical Networks (EA-TJTN)


The Army has been designated as the lead service and DoD Executive Agent for coordinating the life cycle management and interoperability assurance for Tactical Switched Systems (TSS) and Joint Network Management Systems (JNMS) of all services and defense agencies. This responsibility includes circuit, message, packet switching systems, and Network Management Systems. The PEO C3S was officially designated as the DoD Executive Agent.

Our SEC Communications Division has been designated as the CECOM action office for this mission which includes providing the following value-added services and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the life cycle management of TSS and JNMS software and hardware configuration control
  • Assuring joint interoperability of tactical switching and network management software/firmware through quality assurance testing
  • Oversight and certification recommendation of all new software releases
  • Supporting acquisition of interoperable tactical switching and network management systems
  • Serving as the single point of contact for the CINC Warfighters in all matters involving switch interoperability
  • Encompassing all aspects of tactical networking, including network switching and routing, network management, and network connectivity (airborne, satellite, and terrestrial), that will be deployed in a joint environment
  • Ensuring synchronized and interoperable Service and Agency programs acquiring hardware and software in support of theater joint tactical networks
  • Chairing the TJTN-CCB, a joint board composed of representatives from the organizations within the joint communications community
  • Providing administrative and logistic support to the TJTN-CB as required, and acting in forum discussions as a facilitator and neutral, trusted agent

One of our key responsibilities is to support the annual Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE) , a Joint, Coalition and Interagency communications interoperability exercise focused on near-term solutions that are consistent with transformation efforts and net-centric operations.

Visit our Executive Agent team website for more information on this work; also visit our Integrated Command Control and Communications (C3) Laboratory webpage.

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