Software Assurance Laboratory (SWAL)

"Providing CECOM LCMC and DoD with Software Assessment Services to Ensure Software Quality throughout its Life Cycle" 

The Software Engineering Center’s (SEC) Software Assurance Laboratory (SWAL) provides a safe and isolated, reconfigurable environment for evaluating a Customer system’s resistance to security threats throughout all project phases.

  • Providing skills and experience in areas that include Operating Systems, Network Configurations, Vulnerability Analysis, Malicious code analysis, DoD and Army Polices, Security Techniques and Mechanisms, Certification Testing, Risk Assessment, Perimeter Protection, and Technical Writing
  • Providing customers with the ability to simulate system environments to assess software and network configuration changes that may have mission impact—without exposing customer networks to security holes
  • Providing testing of new and emerging tools for certification as well as testing to evaluate and mitigate known vulnerabilities and network threats
  • Providing training on testing procedures, tools, vulnerability analysis, and operating systems
  • Providing investigation and observation of denial-of-service and other attacks, as well as conducting risk assessments
  • Provide disaster recovery simulation, pre-deployment testing, data processing, analysis, software testing, debugging, and procedure creation

Fact Sheets:
Software Assurance Laboratory (SWAL)
Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Support

Responsible Organization:
Software Support Services Directorate

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