Avionics Integrated Surveillance Reconnaissance Laboratory

"Providing responsive software support for Army Avionics System"  

The Software Engineering Center's (SEC) Avionics Integrated Surveillance Reconnaissance Laboratory provides software support for avionics systems, airborne or on the ground supporting surveillance and reconnaissance functions essential for operations on the battlefield.

  • Providing testing environment representative of systems and software deployed to the Warfighter
  • Enabling SEC software engineers to simulate avionics problems reported from the field, develop fixes, and test proposed solutions.
  • Enabling software maintenance for fielded systems (airborne and ground applications)
  • Providing interoperability testing to ensure that new or improved systems are interoperable with existing fielded systems
  • Providing specialized resources for Communications Security (COMSEC) software maintenance, key handling, handling GPS navigation signals, reprogramming of Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM) chips, fabrication of cables, and inter-laboratory aircraft databus

Fact Sheets:
Avionics Integrated Survivability Equipment Laboratories

Systems Support:
Visit the Avionics Systems page for more information on the Systems supported in this Lab.

Responsible Organization:
Battlespace System Support Directorate

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