Rapid Reprogramming Computer Integrated Laboratory

"Providing a rapid reprogramming infrastructure for Army Warfighters"  

The Software Engineering Center’s (SEC) Rapid Reprogramming Computer Integrated Laboratory (R2CIL), run by the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT), is the primary distribution point for threat updates to all Army Aviation systems and platforms. As an integral part of the ARAT infrastructure, the Laboratory provides Post Production Software Support (PPSS) for Aviation Survivability Equipment (ASE).

  • Distributing Mission Data Set (MDS) and Operational Flight Program (OFP) updates to the Warfighter through its Army Aviation Warfighter Software Support Portal (AAWSSP)
  • Providing Warfighters with tools for reprogramming of Target Sensing Systems (TSSs) such as MemoryLoader/Verifier (MLV), Kits, RASP Secure Notebooks, and Electronic Warfare Officers Software Support (EWOSS)
  • Supporting Warfighters with 24x7 on-call assistance for installation, operation and maintenance of their ASE
  • On-site visit assistance also provided world-wide
  • Supporting air operations for Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines aircraft

For more information, see the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT) website.

Also see the Integrated Electronics Warfare Laboratory page, where computers, test equipment and threat simulators identify the threat—determine the response—create the change—and incorporate the change.

Fact Sheets:
Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT) Laboratory
Aviation Survivability Equipment Laboratory

Systems Support:
Visit the Electronic Combat Systems page for more information on the Systems supported in this Lab.

Responsible Organization:
Battlespace System Support Directorate

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