Joint Tactical Data Link Certification Testing Laboratory

"Monitoring All Scheduled Joint Interoperability Tests Conducted with the JITC"  

The Software Engineering Center’s (SEC) Joint Tactical Data Link Certification Testing Laboratory is the Army’s focal point for Joint Interoperability Certification Testing, performing service-level conformance-to-standards testing to prepare Army Tactical Data Link (TDL) systems for joint interoperability testing, consulting with Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and the other services and agencies on test results and making certification recommendations on all systems based on those results.

  • Maintaining C2 systems and test tools for testing Tactical Data Link (TDL) systems to ensure joint interoperability and conformance to standards MIL-STD-6011C (Link-11/11B), MIL-STD-6016C (Link-16) and MIL-STD-6020 (Data Translation/Forwarding)
  • Maintaining Joint Defense Engineering Plant (JDEP) connectivity via the Defense Information Systems Network – Leading Edge Services (DISN-LES), permitting system testing in a distributed environment and allowing developers to observe test results on their systems where they are being developed
  • Performing service-level standards conformance testing to determine if Army systems are ready for joint testing, and providing PEOs and PMs with independent feedback on system performance and recommended areas of improvement
  • Providing JITC with requisite test reports that document the service-level test process, results and readiness for joint testing
  • Participating in all joint interoperability tests conducted by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), along with Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Security Agency to assess the level of interoperability between systems in a joint environment

Fact Sheets:
Joint Tactical Data Link Certification Testing Army Participating Unit
Combat Net Radio Protocol Test Tool
Variable Message Format Integrated Database

Value-Added Services Support:
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Responsible Organization:
Information Technology Engineering Directorate

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