Intelligence Fusion Systems Laboratory

"Providing Integration and Interoperability Testing of Intelligence, Weather and Terrain Systems"  

The Software Engineering Center’s (SEC) Intelligence Fusion Systems (IFS) Laboratories provide fully functional, intra- and interoperability testing of intelligence, weather, and terrain systems under Post Production Software Support (PPSS), with test areas also devoted to the Communications Control Set (CCS) and the Defense Messaging System (DMS).

  • Enabling SEC software engineers to simulate actual problems reported from the field, develop fixes, and test proposed solutions.
  • Enabling software maintenance for fielded intelligence, weather and terrain systems
  • Providing integration and interoperability testing of complete system suite to ensure systems perform individually and are not impacted by changes in hardware or software of another system components
  • Providing system upgrades as required by the Customer
  • Providing Warfighters with 24x7 on-call assistance with installation, operations and maintenance of their supported systems
  • On-site assistance also provided world-wide
  • Available to outside organizations (JITC, USAIC, ATEC) for validation and verification of new and existing platforms
  • Can accommodate testing for other organizations mobile tactical systems

Fact Sheets:
Intelligence Fusion Laboratory

Integrated Meteorological System (IMETS)
Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS)

Systems Support:
Visit the Intelligence Fusion Systems page for more information on the Systems supported in this Lab.

Responsible Organization:
Battlespace System Support Directorate

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