Defense Messaging System Test and Evaluation Laboratory

" Providing the DoD Standard DMS Services in an Isolated Network Environment " 

The Software Engineering Center’s (SEC) Defense Messaging System (DMS) Test and Evaluation Laboratory provides the Department of Defense (DoD) with Standard DMS services, in an isolated network environment, to permit test and evaluation of products being developed for use with DMS.

  • Providing the ability to evaluate DMS client components to ensure compliance with DMS standards, and to permit Defense Information System Agency (DISA) certification of these components prior to their deployment on the operational DMS.
  • Providing customers with two DMS Product Test and Evaluation Centers, one, configured as an unclassified DMS domain, and the other easily convertible between a collateral Classified (C) domain configuration, and a Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) classified domain configuration.

Fact Sheets:
Intelligence Fusion Systems – Defense Message System (DMS) – Product Test and Evaluation Facilities Laboratory

Value-Added Services Support:
Visit the Defense System Messaging Evaluation page for more information on the Services supported in this Lab.

Responsible Organization:
Battlespace System Support Directorate

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