Doing Business With The SEC

Want to become a Customer or Partner of the Software Engineering Center (SEC)?

Customers Partners

How to be a Customer

A customer interested in doing business with the Software Engineering Center (SEC) should contact us with an outline of the support they are interested in acquiring.

The customer will then be contacted by a lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) to discuss the specific requirements for the SEC support requested. This will be followed by a draft of the project requirements based on the customer's needs as determined by both the customer and the SME.

The determinations agreed upon during these discussions will be used to prepare a draft Functional Support Agreement (FSA). This FSA will include an outline of support required, resource requirements including work years and funding, a summary support justification, and funding timeline.

Once this document is approved by the customer, it will proceed through the approval process that will allow for corrections and changes prior to its final submission, acceptance and signatures.

Work will start on receipt of the initial funding increment as agreed upon in the FSA.

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