Evolution of SEC

Aug 1925
Fort Monmouth, NJ, established in 1917 as Camp Little Silver for Reserve Signal Battalion training, was granted permanent status and re-named in honor of soldiers of the American Revolution who died in the battle of Monmouth Court House.
Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) officially stood up at Fort Monmouth, NJ.
Oct 1983
Software Development and Support Center (SDSC) formally established within Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) at Fort Monmouth, NJ, with satellite location at Fort Sill, OK, and served as the focal point for developing, maintaining, and producing software for Battlefield Automated Systems (BAS).
SDSC merged with Electronics Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) Tactical Software Support Center, and re-named Center for Life Cycle Software Engineering (CLCSE), allowing for centralized life cycle software management, engineering and support for Mission Critical Defense Systems (MCDS).
CLCSE re-named Center for Software Engineering (CSE) and merged into CECOM's Research, Development and Engineering Center (RDEC), with satellite locations added at Fort Huachuca, AZ and Fort Leavenworth, KA, and expanded mission to be Army Materiel Command focal point for software technology, Ada technology, software quality and productivity.
CSE reorganized to align with Army Vision 2000 and re-named Life Cycle Systems Support Division (LCSSD). Also established the European Software Support Office (ESSO) in Seckenheim, Germany for providing software engineering support for assigned systems on-site.
LCSSD re-named RDEC Software Engineering Directorate (SED) adding Avionics to several battlefield functional areas already supported, and became the leader in "digitizing the battlefield" using software as “force multiplier” during Operation Desert Storm
July 1996
The Korean Software Support Office (KSSO) established in Seoul, Korea and Fort Leavenworth work transferred to U.S. Army Simulation and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM) in Orlando, FL.
Oct 1996
RDEC SED merged with Information Systems Software Center (ISSC), Industrial Logistics Systems Center (ILSC), and Logistics Systems Software Center (LSSC) from several commands, to become the CECOM Software Engineering Center (SEC), allowing streamlined software support missions Army-wide with improved technological and cost effectiveness.
U.S. Army Information Systems Software Center at Fort Belvoir reorganized into three Software Engineering Centers, SEC-Belvoir, SEC-Lee and SEC-Meade, with concentrations in web technologies, applications architectures, knowledge management, software asset management and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) integration.
SEC-Meade merged into SEC-Belvoir.
Feb 2005

CECOM Life Cycle Management Command (CECOM LCMC) officially stood up at Fort Monmouth, NJ, comprising Team C4ISR, and CECOM SEC became CECOM LCMC SEC.


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